Cais do Sodré was named after a noble family in the fifteenth century surnamed Sodré. This distinguished family was involved in the maritime trade and lived in the area that is now Cais do Sodré.

 Cais do Sodré, now a must in any visit to the capital, has not always been as we see it today. In the past, this neighbourhood was a sleazy place, with many brothels, drugs and prostitution, as it was a refuge for sailors passing through Lisbon. For many years Cais de Sodré fell into oblivion and its visitors were immediately associated with the low reputation of the neighbourhood.

 However, Cais de Sodré has “turned the page” to its disreputable past and is now one of Lisbon's most sought-after neighbourhoods, with many trendy restaurants, bars and dance floors.

 Nowadays, Cais de Sodré is a river boat terminal that connects Lisbon to the south bank of the Tagus River. Moreover, there is a metro and train station where you can take the train along the coastline to Cascais.

 But Cais do Sodré is not just a place to take the boat or the train! You can also find some must-sees, such as the “pink street” and Mercado da Ribeira.

 The “pink street” was once known for its red-light houses, several brothels and drug dealing. However, in an attempt to change this image, Lisbon decided to have its floor painted pink and close the road to traffic, by implementing a remarkable artistic intervention. It is currently a must go in Lisbon, one of the most famous streets of the capital for spending a good night out with friends.

 Facing the Tagus river is Mercado da Ribeira. Officially known as Mercado 24 de Julho, Mercado da Ribeira has been the capital's main market since 1892. It was built to replace an old market that was next to Casa dos Bicos, doing trade in fish, vegetables and fruit since the sixteenth century. Therefore, on the ground floor we can find stalls of fresh and local produce, just like in the old market. Besides the stalls that can be found in any market, Mercado da Ribeira in Cais do Sodré has a food court with restaurant stands.

 More than a century after its opening, the Mercado da Ribeira, in Cais do Sodré, is now run by the Time Out Lisboa magazine, which created a unique space for restaurants and traditional shops. The Time Out Market has more than 40 restaurants and there you will find all kinds of stalls, from renowned chefs to hamburgers, croquettes, Portuguese sweets, Italian food, among others.

 You cannot miss Ribeira das Naus, located between Praça do Comércio and Cais de Sodré. This is a very touristy spot, ideal for a drink by the river and it has an urban beach for sunbathing.

 Besides a lively nightlife, in Cais do Sodré you may find mouth-watering restaurants. From Asian, Mexican, tapas and Italian food, the most difficult thing is choosing what to eat!

 If you prefer Asian food, try Soi Restaurant at Rua da Moeda. An excellent choice for those looking for freshness and spicy flavours, a combination of Thai and Vietnamese food.

Still at Rua da Moeda, try the Big Fish Poké restaurant. Cais do Sodré's new poke bar has fresh fishbowls for you to enjoy a burst of flavours, with no hurry.

 If you are a meat lover be sure to visit Chef Luís Gaspar's Sala de Corte, famous for its matured beef.

If you want to get a taste of Italy, find the new Mano a Mano restaurant in Cais do Sodré and choose between the traditional pasta of Italian restaurants and their (thinner and crispier) Roman pizzas or (doughier) Neapolitan pizzas.

Prefer another continent? Be sure to visit the Mexican restaurant Pistola y Corazon and indulge in its large variety of tacos and tequilas.

 Are you going to miss out on staying in Cais do Sodré, one of Lisbon's most special neighbourhoods? Book your stay here!

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