Beyond the intrinsic excellence of the various components of its tourism offer, over the last 10 years Lisbon has made solid headway in the creation of alternative hubs for cultural events (including alternative culture), out-of-the-box projects, as unlikely as surprising, which contributed to foster a young and vibrant atmosphere of creativity, that step by step asserted itself as an attraction in its own right for those who, besides their history, also seek to read the path trodden by cities towards the future.

Curiously, the most consistent of these hubs - LX Factory - draws its originality from having maintained the identity of a place that became derelict due to the failure of industry to adapt to the digital era, and also curiously, or maybe not, it was the digital era that gave it a boost and propelled it to unimaginable fame.

Away from the city centre, in Alcântara, a former textile factory by the river - the LX Factory - was turned into a truly creative factory: a fabulous mix of art, inventiveness and passion started in 2008 when a group of talented young people decided to renovate this huge abandoned area (around 23,000 m2). The result of this challenge is frankly exceptional! The project revolved around the original concept of maintaining the identity of the place, with the entire building of the old factory keeping its importance and relevance within the surrounding area. The main street is flanked by two main buildings, where the ancient equipment stands out amidst a truly creative oasis. Hence the concept of a “factory” as a place where something new is conceived and produced remains intact. And if this was the goal, it was fully achieved, because the place overflows with creativity, not least through the graffiti that sprawls everywhere, inside and outside. This area can therefore be considered as a huge work of art in the open air, but also as a great show window for creative young people, drawn from various parts of the globe, to develop their work here.

Restaurants, cafés and shops (The "Ler Devagar" Bookshop is a must!), each unique in its own way and all unashamedly imbibing the "industrial chic" atmosphere that the place conveys, give life to the whole area and create an aura that envelops and connects the hundreds of people who daily cross this space, either because they sought it out or because they are part of the immense professional community that settled there, either in their own spaces or working with others.

Studios, ateliers and workshops of graphic designers, programmers, architects, plastic artists and theatre schools share the floors of the main building with huge industrial pieces that were deliberately left there, as they make the link between the analogic and the digital world, between environmental insouciance and awareness to sustainability, between the endless repetition of mechanical gestures and the uniqueness of creating an open-air game between the past and the future.

Events of all kinds, workshops, exhibitions, and concerts further spark the dynamics and bring in new publics. During the LX Factory Open Day, a two-day event held twice a year, all workshops and studios open their doors to the public and engage more and more people in the discovery of their activities. On Sundays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, the LX Market (a flea market selling second-hand clothing props, vinyl records, handicrafts, and much more, with events and live music) enlivens the main street and has already become a regular venue for many locals and also for some tourists, who begin to realise that here they may find original and unique items at low prices. Why not try and go there?

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Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103
1300-501 Lisboa

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